We have supported 10 people this year to gain a recognised horticultural qualification.

Stepping Stones Garden Project

“It’s good to be out in the fresh air and it’s good exercise. I am much fitter now.”

“I have made good friends at Stepping Stones. If I didn’t come here I would just be at home on my own playing computer games.”

What’s On Offer
At Stepping Stones, we grow and sell plants from our nursery, offer contract gardening services to the community and grow vegetables at the allotment site in Tilbury. We are able to offer horticultural activities to suit all abilities – so no previous gardening knowledge or skills are required to get involved.

Wellbeing groups
These are ideal for people experiencing difficulties due to their mental health who want to meet together in a friendly, supportive, environment. As well as having fun and learning horticultural skills, people benefit from socialising with others, which reduces isolation, and the physical exercise, which improves their fitness. They gain a sense of purpose and satisfaction and benefit from the structure it brings to their day.

Work Placements
Work can be very important to maintaining positive mental health. Many people wish to gain, or return to, employment, and research shows that this can help promote recovery. However, sometimes they do not feel ready – this is where we can help by providing a ‘stepping stone’ towards employment. Trainees participate in our structured training programme (one day a week for twelve weeks) gaining work related skills, experience and the confidence they need to progress.
All volunteers are welcome, whether they can donate their time regularly each week or for one day a year. It is an opportunity for people to work creatively alongside others who have a similar interest in gardening. A great way to keep fit whilst making a valuable contribution to the charity and local community. Volunteer application form

Wellbeing groups – Free
Work placement (1 day per week for 12 weeks) – Free
Volunteering – Free

For More Information
To find out more about the project please call 01375 391411 or email steppingstones@thurrockmind.org.uk

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