One of our peer groups is photography and they look at Thurrock in lots of different ways.

Peer Mentoring & Peer Support

‘I get the most fantastic support from the lady I am working with – she knows what it’s like when I am not feeling good as she has been there before herself and she doesn’t push me into anything but she has helped me to start attending a knitting group and start to tackle my drinking problem by helping me to get support.’

What’s on Offer

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is for people within the community who would appreciate individual support, on a short-term basis, to reach their goals and aspirations.

The project is not just aimed at helping people who have a mental health diagnosis. We want to support people before they reach crisis point, so anyone who is experiencing low moods, lack of motivation, stress or anxiety could benefit. 

Peer Mentoring involves local peer support volunteers (PSVs) with lived experience of mental health problems based within the community who aim to:

  • Support people who are likely to develop a mental health problem to stay well
  • Support people with a mental health problem in their recovery process.   

PSVs do not advise their peers what to do, rather help them consider their options and guide them through the process of making decisions. A key role is to provide information and help others to explore the implications of various choices.

The empathy and understanding PSVs have gained through their experience allows them to relate to their peers and sustain their commitment to staying well.

In addition to providing a listening ear, PSVs adopt a practical approach, accompanying others and helping them to:

  • Use public transport
  • Join the local sports centre
  • Make friends and broaden their support network
  • Get out and about in the community

‘I find it hard to attend weekly groups as I don’t always feel well enough to make it to them, but love coming to workshops. I get to meet other people, have a chat and cuppa, learning about new things, it lets me feel like any other normal lady.’

Peer Support

Peer support involves group peer support, PeerPals, led by a peer support volunteers (PSV) who plans activities for a group to do together.

This could be a ‘share a skill’ or interest group and the focus does not have to be mental health. The aim of the groups is to support each other and make use of community activities.

Already established, there is a quiz group, a swimming group, family days out and short-term workshops around a range of topics including living skills, health and hair care and money to name a few.


Peer Mentoring & Peer Support – Free

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